All New MMC: Season four, Ep. 16

From the All New Mickey Mouse Club, Season four. ep. 16
Party Working day!
Intro: Fred Newman, Tasha Danner and Josh Ackerman
Skit: The Okays & The Party backstage (In twin roles) Feat. Tiffini Hale, Damon Pampolina, Albert Fields, DeeDee Magno, Chasen Hampton with Kevin Osgood
Foodstuff in your enamel section intro. Ilana Miller & Blain Carson
Spoof: Dude Converse, Rad Converse feat. Marc Worden, JC Chasez, Ricky Luna and Josh Ackerman
What I want to Be: Animal Trainer intro. Dale Godboldo & Lindsey Alley
Skit: Museum of Doodle Art feat. Terri Misner, Fred Newman, Jason Small , Nita Booth with Tasha Danner and Blain Carson
Bizarre But Delectable: Warm Pet dogs feat. Marc Worden, Rhona Bennett and Fred Newman
Party Working day- Room Party
Mouse Trek with Marc & Kevin, Star Looker-Atter with Fred, “Room Camp” with Tasha and Ricky
Music “Round and Round” feat. Jennifer McGill, JC Chasez, Ilana Miller and Tony Lucca
Outro: Jen, Terri
50 % of the closing credits

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