All New MMC: Year 4- Ep.27

From year 4 of The All New Mickey Mouse Club ep. 27 (1991)
Everything Can Come about Working day!
Intro: Terri Misner, Tony Lucca and Tasha Danner
Song” Help save Some Enjoy” feat. Terra McNair with Keri Russell, Rhona Bennett, Dale Godboldo and Kevin Osgood.
Skit- Big Ears feat. Blain Carson, Keri, Lindsey Alley, Jason Insignificant, Mylin Brooks and Rhona
Top secret Bodyguard Portion 14 missing
Song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” feat. Chasen Hampton with Damon Pampolina and Albert Fields along with a very blessed woman from the viewers.
David Fellman Inponderables Specialist and Creator feat. Fred Newman and Lindsey
Outro: Visitor David and Terra.

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