Barry Humphries jazzes up pre-war Germany with Meow Meow and the Australian Chamber Orchestra

Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret
Friday 29 July, seven.30pm – Wednesday 3 August 2016, seven.30pm
at London’s Cadogan Hall


Barry Humphries curates, provides and performs the degenerate audio of Berlin’s Weimar Republic (1920s-30s) including jazz, cabaret, tango and Broadway-musical design parts. The hedonistic partying and social revolution of this era is re-awakened in this complete-throttle live performance featuring global cabaret sensation Meow Meow.

Hear tunes by Kurt Weill including The Threepenny Opera’s Pirate Jenny, see Barry Humphries and Meow Meow sing the duet Mousie and dance a tango, and join Barry as he rediscovers the shed audio of Krenek, Schulhoff, Toch, Brand, Grosz and much more.

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