Chillin on some desoxyn and rambling

Chillin wit my boy at 3 In the morning tweaked on desoxyn. Desoxyn is pharmeceutical methamphetamine typically approved for older people with Include. On the other hand it is almost never approved do to abuse likely and neurotoxicity.

By the way I’m going to say this in advance of individuals bounce to conclusions. I’m not a meth head nor am I going to flip into a person. A pal of mine supplied these to me free of charge so I considered id give them a consider. I will not even know if I will at any time do them all over again. So individuals will not bounce to conclusions. After tonite I’m just going to be going back again to my weed and the coke at the time in a when. I repeat IM NOT A METH HEAD so will not call me a person.

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