Coding for urine drug screening

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When the lab carries out a urine drug take a look at, what is the proper ICD-9 code? Properly, the respond to is ICD-9 Code does not offer one certain code for a urine drug take a look at. The proper analysis code to report when billing for the lab take a look at relies upon on the signals, symptoms, affected individual condition or other reason for the take a look at say for instance screening. When requesting a urine drug take a look at from the lab, the purchasing health practitioner will assign a narrative analysis ICD-9 code. Say for instance a high school college student diagnosed as cannabis dependent before is not doing nicely in school. The health practitioner suspects cannabis use yet again and orders urine drug monitor. The most proper code here is 304.thirty. When coding for urine drug screening, you will normally locate your self confronted with inquiries this sort of as these. Say for instance you may perhaps locate it bewildering as to which is the proper code to go for to report stage-of-care (POC) urine drug monitor (UDS) screening. Or sometimes you may perhaps be baffled irrespective of whether you need to go for a CPT code or choose from one of the new HCPCS codes. If you do not know how to precisely report urine drug screening, you will absolutely invite denials. But you can do away with your coding woes connected with urine drug take a look at coding by signing up for an audio convention. When you sign up your self for one, you are going to distinct all your doubts as considerably urine drug screening coding is involved. So go for one right now and make certain ideal reimbursement.

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