[HD] Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching with thunderstorm landing – 22/08/2016

Flying onboard an AirAsia A320 from KLIA2 Terminal to Kuching on Borneo Island.

First, take-off on runway 33, then climb with great view of the ocean. Later extremely turbulent descent and approach into Kuching during a thunderstorm.

Date: 22th August 2016
Flight: AK 5212
Origin: Kuala Lumpur Sepang Airport WMKK / KUL
Destination: Kuching International Airport WBGG / KCH
Airline: Air Asia
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: 9M-AFU
Seat: 4F
Departure: 1525 (actual 1550)
Arrival: 1710 (actual 1742)
Flight time: 1h 32min

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