Rise Of Prescription Drug Abuse And Its Transportation


Owing to the increase in prescription drug abuse there must be much more command around the resources that make these prescription drugs conveniently attainable to the public. The net plays a enormous part in this ongoing problem with on line pharmacies and unneeded prescriptions engage in a part as very well.

In the United States, prescription drug abuse has skyrocketed into an epidemic. Some folks get started out as legitimate drug consumers but as time progresses they may possibly find them selves working with these prescription drugs for recreational uses. It is in truth a great line involving legitimate and abuse of these legitimate prescription drugs distinctions on this two categories will be examined in element in the subsequent areas of the essays. (Gever, 2003)

However, a single must be watchful when hoping to solve the problem. This is not one thing that will close as a result of the use of regulation enforcement officers. While such an approach has worked for other types of drug abuse it may possibly be inefficient for this form. For that reason attempts should be much more proactive than reactive. There are greater chances of reducing the scourge if the authorities and other stakeholders take on a preventative approach.

Figures demonstrating the total extent of this problem

Research carried out by the Substance Abuse and Psychological Overall health Administration in the yr 2004 illustrated that about 6.1 million individuals admitted in hospitals were working with prescription prescription drugs for other reasons other than health care kinds. The biggest share of this group was located to be the adolescents. The very same study also disclosed that eleven per cent of the American Inhabitants admitted to owning utilised prescription prescription drugs for recreational uses at a single issue or yet another in just their life. (SAMHSA, 2004)

The severity of this problem can also be detected by elevated emergency treatment method of sufferers who happen to have excessive amounts of prescription prescription drugs in just their overall body techniques. Research carried out by the Drug Abuse Warning Community located that .sixty five situations of individuals who were taken into emergency treatment method in just hospitals were a end result of prescription drug abuse. Some of the prescription prescription drugs located in the course of emergency treatment method consist of

  • discomfort relievers like opioid
  • hydrocodone (discomfort relievers)
  • methadone (discomfort relievers)
  • oxycodone (discomfort relievers)
  • alprazolam (Benzodiazepines)
  • clonazepam(Benzodiazepines)
  • carisprodl (muscle relaxants)
  • cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxants) (Gever, 2003)

Often sufferers were located to combine several kinds of dugs to come up with a much more serious influence. Amongst all the situations revealed higher than, Muscle mass relaxants and opioids were the most popular of all. The stats are also alarming in that the figures are escalating as the decades go by. For illustration, it was located that the amount expended in opioid buys elevated from eighty billion dollars in the yr 1997 to two hundred and sixteen billion dollars in the yr 2003. Amplified investing in this region is a crystal clear sign that there may possibly be some abuse situations there (considering that the American population has not elevated greatly around the 5 decades regarded in the course of the study).

Basically prescription prescription drugs come in fourth amid the most abused substances in just the state. The other people were alcohol, cannabis and tobacco. (CASA, 1998)

Resources that make the prescription drugs attainable

There are various avenues that make the prescription drugs offered to most of these drug abusers. The first supply is as a result of road sellers. Just as there are road venders for other popular unlawful prescription drugs, there are also soaring situations of prescription prescription drugs in the streets. This has grow to be really valuable for most sellers since they realize that addicts are really needy and they can provide the prescription drugs for six occasions the rate or even much more. It was located that a drug that may possibly expense ten dollars at pharmacy would be sold at a single hundred dollars in the streets. For illustration OxyContin Tablet (eighty milligrams) is sold at six dollars in pharmacies but this may possibly be multiplied to sixty 5 dollars out there. Most individuals will go for this option when the prescription drugs they need are not around-the-counter prescription drugs. This implies that a single has to give a prescription by a wellness skilled ahead of they can invest in that provided item around-the- counter prescription drugs can be acquired by everyone considering that they do not have adverse outcomes on the ordinary operating of the overall body. (Gever, 2003)

Amongst the most infamous resources of these prescription prescription drugs is as a result of buying for physicians. Abusers may possibly find out data about the availability of physicians in just a particular site. These so called ‘patients’ may possibly get data about the areas and practice of a particular health care provider from the net. These persons may possibly then approach a single health care provider physically and demonstrate their issue. Often physicians may possibly find that it is a legitimate case and give prescriptions for it. However, such abusers do not end at that, they then approach a second health care provider and demonstrate their issue as if it is the first time. This health care provider will then give comparable treatment method. Afterwards, they will go to a 3rd health care provider and so on. The cycle will repeat alone and sufferers close up with much more prescription drugs than is medically demanded. These individuals take benefit of their health care situations to obtain endless prescription drugs as a result of various consultations.

The most significant supply of prescription dugs is as a result of net purchasers. The net has brought with it endless obtain to particular goods or solutions that were beforehand limited. There are various sites that provide prescription prescription drugs to client without the need of a critical inquiry into their issue. These facilities are commonly commercially operate and sellers do not talk to for doctor’s prescriptions. It should be famous that these are unlawful transactions. The net is characterized by many unlawful corporations that can not be conveniently tracked. Most of the time, individuals who provide these prescription drugs go out of their way to safeguard their id. They do not use their real name and in no way disclose their precise areas. These sellers commonly supply the prescription drugs to sufferers as a result of a 3rd social gathering so as to disguise their id.

It has also been located that there are soaring situations of prescription drug misuses in most superior colleges. Young adults have been known to obtain these kinds of prescription drugs from drug traffickers there. This is why the vast majority of the situations abusing these types of prescription drugs were the youth. These adolescents commonly use the little money provided to them by their dad and mom as pocket money. (CASA, 2005)

However, when such persons are unsuccessful to obtain the finances to invest in prescription prescription drugs as a result of drug traffickers in colleges, then they may possibly vacation resort to thieving. Some dad and mom may possibly have stocked particular prescription prescription drugs in heir health care cabinets and they make it really easy for adolescents who may possibly be owning this problem to purchase them. These dad and mom are commonly also chaotic to take discover of some missing prescription drugs or they may possibly have such a significant number that will make it tough to keep an eye on.

Often drug abusers may possibly get their prescription drugs as a result of exchanges from buddies or household. These persons may possibly go straight to their buddies and acknowledge that they abuse prescription drugs. If their buddies also do the very same or do not appear to be to head then exchanges can be completed. On the other hand, other people may possibly not be legitimate. They go in the guise of getting unwell and make appeals to different associates of their household at different occasions so as to get superior figures of prescription prescription drugs. Not long ago, there have been comparable situations amid adolescents called ‘pharming parties’. In these parties, adolescents commonly carry regardless of what kinds of prescription prescription drugs they can lay their fingers on and exchange them with their buddies. These parties are accountable for the soaring situations of various drug induced emergency situations.

However, a single must not forget about that there may possibly be situations of malpractice amid particular physicians. Some physicians may possibly be very well knowledgeable that a couple sufferers do not definitely want a health care drug. But soon after acquiring some economical boosts, these practitioners may possibly not hesitate supplying their sufferers medicine even when they know that they will be abusing these prescription drugs. There are also situations of unscrupulous wellness care practitioners. These are the kinds who may possibly not be really excellent at their practice and may possibly not know the exact amount to prescribe to sufferers. Consequently, such physicians prescribe around and higher than allowable health care restrictions without the need of ulterior motives. However, absence of intentions does not undermine the critical implications of their actions. Similarly, a single may possibly find crooked pharmacies who knowingly give overdoses to sufferers just to boost their gross sales for the working day.

How to command the drug abuse problem

There are a number pf preventive actions that can be adopted to solve this problem. To start with of all, different peer groups can be educated about the dangers of prescription prescription drugs since some situations may possibly crop up out of absence of understanding. For illustration, some adolescents take prescription prescription drugs in excessive amounts with the assumption that these prescription drugs are medically accredited and are for that reason harmless. This is a big false impression that can be eradicated by introduction of drug- education and learning- courses in just colleges. (U.S. Division of Overall health and Human Products and services, 2003)

In addition to this, the authorities and other stakeholders should decrease the availability of around-the-counter medicine. This will go a extensive way in ensuring that sufferers can not invest in seemingly harmless prescription drugs in significant amounts.

Psychiatrists, physicians and other wellness practitioners should also shy away from prescribing prescription drugs as the first option. They should use other types of treatment method first and then use prescription drugs as the past vacation resort. For illustration sufferers going through depression should be provided remedy alternatively of antidepressants and so on.


Prescription drug abuse like any other form of abuse has adverse outcomes on a user’s household and them selves. The problem is worsened by unlawful corporations online, endless obtain to physicians via the net and as a result of client frauds. These problems want be handled proactively alternatively than reactively as a result of education and learning and use of other health care possibilities other than prescription drugs for treatment method. These an approach will go a extensive way in preventing potential drug abuses. (Gever, 2003)


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