[SwordGirls] Muspelheim Dungeon three: 4F

Trace: Shore up your Defense and consider edge of enemy Defense.
(At the starting of the change, all enemy followers get rid of -two Def. All followers in your hand/subject gain +two Def. The very first card in your Grave is moved to the base of your deck.)

Typical: (three) Marksman Knight
Uncommon: (three) Seeker Melissa / (three) Sword Women Luthica / (three) Acolyte
Uncommon: (one) Sommelier Sigma / (one) Crux Knight Swimie / (one) Medic Knight

15 Spells:
Uncommon: (three) Getaway / (three) String of Emotion
Uncommon: (two) Seashore Study / (two) Pilgrimage of Proof
D.Uncommon: (one) Evil Eye / (one) Reduce Submit / (one) Crux Command
Exceptional: (two) Meltdown

Exceptional card:
Meltdown – Sizing three (Crux)
All enemy followers get rid of -five Def.

Duplicate from Hikki’s thread (http://www.swordgirlsonline.com/forum/showthread.php?3851-Muspelheim-Compendium)
Deck: http://puu.sh/1UL3J

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