The Vatican Christens Telescope on Mount Graham “Lucifer”

The Vatican, the Jesuits and the University of Arizona unveiled an optical telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona named “Lucifer”.  The Vatican’s Mount Graham Telescope was named “Lucifer” by the German crew who designed it.  Not only was this constructed, with fantastic objection by the Apache Country, on sacred ground, but remaining everybody with zero rationalization as to naming it Lucifer!

Placing unauthorized and un-welcomed telescopes, or just about anything else, on Indian sacred ground with no permission or the blessings on the Apache Country is actually a nightmare and usual.  A Dan Brown novel could not incorporate much more complications to the increasing worries and finger-wagging dealing with the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church may well not “believe that” in the ancient rules of the Indian lifestyle, but these rules are as aged as the moon.

For many years, Hawaiians have saved their sacred lands with no criticism.  To this working day, thousands of people today ship lava rocks and sand to Hawaii for karmic cleansing.  Many of these things arrive with attached notes of desperation.  For many years, kahunas have agreed to conduct sacred ceremonies in the “healing garden”, putting these lava stones and sand to rest there.  This exercise proceeds, to this working day with no conflict or thoughts from the outdoors world.

Back to the telescope (constructed on Mount Graham on sacred Indian land) why would the Vatican have an fascination in a thing like this?  Would the Wormwood star be concerned? Could it be because of to a warning from the New Testomony, in the guide of Revelation expressing:

“And the 3rd angel sounded, and there fell a fantastic star from heaven, burning as it ended up a lamp, and it fell upon the 3rd section of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters And the identify of the star is termed Wormwood: and the 3rd section of the waters grew to become wormwood and numerous men died of the waters, mainly because they ended up built bitter.” (Revelation eight:10, 11 — King James Bible)

Jesuit Father George Coyne, director of the Vatican Observatory, indicated that he could not locate an authentic Apache who believed the mountain was sacred.  Even though there ended up various lawsuits submitted by the Indian Country rejecting the development on Mount Graham, stating it is sacred land.  Father Coyne went on to point out that he wanted to see proof of shrines and would not take Apache oral historical past as evidence.

Though he dismissed any likelihood of Mount Graham remaining sacred, numerous would like to hear an rationalization that could even remotely justify the Vatican christening an optical telescope “Lucifer”.

Father Coyne (who headed the Vatican Observatory web-sites at Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome and Mount Graham in Arizona) also said:

“Science is and need to be witnessed as “entirely neutral” on the situation of the theistic or atheistic implications of scientific final results, even though noting that “science and faith are thoroughly different pursuits.”

Does this assertion negate any connection amongst the identify of the telescope and Revelation?

Father Coyne has considering that stepped down from this situation and has been succeeded by Father Jose Gabriel Funes.

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